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Understanding Portugal's Electricity Market and Power Generation Mix

Introduction to Electricity Markets in Europe

In Europe, the electricity market operates on a bidding and matching system. Portugal, like many other European countries, participates in this market. Various electricity producers bid to sell their power, and the market mechanism helps to decide the spot prices. These prices can change hourly, affecting the cost of electricity for consumers.


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The Role of Spot Market Prices


Spot market prices represent the current cost of buying or selling electricity for immediate delivery. They are determined based on supply and demand factors, often fluctuating throughout the day. In Portugal, these spot market prices can be influenced by a range of factors including weather conditions, electricity demand, and the availability of power generation resources.

Portugal's Energy Mix

Portugal has a diverse energy mix. Renewable sources like wind, solar, and hydroelectric power contribute significantly to the country's electricity generation. Portugal has been investing heavily in renewable energy and aims to be completely reliant on renewable sources in the future.

Wind Turbines

Wind Energy

Wind energy plays a crucial role in Portugal's power generation. Wind farms are scattered throughout the country, especially in areas where wind conditions are favorable.

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Fossil Fuels

Despite the focus on renewable energy, fossil fuels like natural gas and coal still play a role in Portugal's electricity generation, especially during periods of high demand or low renewable output.

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Solar Energy

Solar energy is another important component of Portugal's energy mix. Given the country's sunny climate, solar power is a logical choice for electricity generation.

Hydroelectric Power Plant

Hydroelectric Power

Portugal's geography also allows for substantial hydroelectric power generation. The country's numerous rivers and high elevation changes make it ideal for this form of renewable energy.

The Fluctuating Nature of Spot Market Prices

In Portugal, like in many European countries, electricity spot market prices can vary significantly within a day. These fluctuations occur due to various factors such as supply and demand, weather conditions, and the energy mix. Consumers could save on electricity costs by utilizing power when spot market prices are at their lowest. But how can this be achieved efficiently?

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Introducing the AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher

The AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher is a smart device engineered to minimize your electricity costs effectively. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor real-time electricity prices and controls your home appliances accordingly.


Real-Time Price Monitoring

The Shelly Switcher continually observes the electricity spot market prices. It's particularly useful in a market like Portugal's, where prices can oscillate between minimum and maximum levels within short periods.


Intelligent Switching

The device can turn on or off household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and electric heaters based on the current electricity price. For instance, it will activate your washing machine when electricity prices dip, thus saving you money.


MQTT Protocol

The Shelly Switcher operates using the MQTT protocol, which ensures secure and reliable communication between the device and the AI-Stromfee system. This enables the device to receive real-time data and execute commands promptly.


Long-Term Savings

By smartly utilizing low-cost electricity periods, the AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher can provide significant long-term savings on your electricity bill. It takes the guesswork out of when to use your appliances and offers an automated, cost-effective solution.



One of the best features of the Shelly Switcher is its user-friendliness. It is designed to be straightforward to install and use, making it accessible for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

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Understanding Portugal's Electricity Spot Market

In Portugal, the electricity spot market plays a crucial role in determining the real-time prices of electricity. These prices fluctuate throughout the day based on supply and demand, as well as other factors such as weather conditions and the overall energy mix in the country.

The Role of Stromfee Shelly Switches

Stromfee Shelly Switches are smart switches designed to optimize electricity consumption in real-time. These switches are integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and use the MQTT protocol for secure and reliable data communication. Here's how they can be effectively used in Portugal's electricity spot market.


Real-Time Price Monitoring

The AI in the Stromfee Shelly Switches continually monitors the current spot market prices for electricity in Portugal. The device is programmed to recognize periods of low and high electricity costs, thereby allowing users to make informed decisions on when to consume electricity.


Automated Appliance Control

The Stromfee Shelly Switches can be connected to various household appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and electric heaters. These switches can automatically turn these appliances on or off based on real-time electricity prices. For example, if the spot market price drops, the switch may automatically turn on the dishwasher or washing machine, ensuring that these tasks are performed when electricity is cheapest.


User Customization

One of the advantages of Stromfee Shelly Switches is that they are highly customizable. Users can set preferences on which appliances are controlled and during what times of the day, allowing for a tailored approach to energy savings.


Energy and Cost Savings

By optimizing the time at which appliances are used, Stromfee Shelly Switches can lead to significant energy and cost savings. This is especially useful in a fluctuating market like Portugal's, where smart timing can result in considerable financial benefits.


The Impact on Your Electricity Bill

Over time, intelligent and automated control of appliance usage can result in substantial reductions in your electricity bill. The AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher provides a way to harness the volatility of Portugal's electricity spot market for individual financial benefit.

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The Bigger Picture: Energy Consumption and the Environment

Energy consumption has a direct impact on the environment. The more energy we use, the more we rely on energy production methods, some of which can be harmful to the planet. In Portugal, while there is a significant contribution from renewable sources, fossil fuels still play a role in electricity generation.


Smart Energy Management: A Step Toward Sustainability

The AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher not only helps to minimize electricity costs but also promotes energy efficiency. By using electricity when demand is low and supply is high, we can potentially reduce the reliance on less eco-friendly energy production methods.


Reducing Peak Demand

One of the environmental benefits of using the Shelly Switcher is the reduction of peak demand. When electricity demand peaks, utilities often rely on less-efficient, fossil-fuel-based power plants to meet the demand. By shifting consumption to times when cleaner, renewable energy sources can meet the demand, we reduce the need for these less-efficient plants.


Efficient Use of Renewable Energy

The Shelly Switcher's real-time monitoring and automated control can also help in efficiently utilizing renewable energy sources. When the device detects an abundance of cheap, clean energy in the spot market, it can activate connected appliances, thereby consuming electricity that is likely produced from renewable sources.


Reduced Carbon Footprint

Optimized energy consumption patterns can lead to a reduced carbon footprint for individual households. By operating appliances when electricity is most abundant and likely green, you contribute to lower carbon emissions and a more sustainable future.

The Ripple Effect

While a single household using the Shelly Switcher may have a limited impact, the cumulative effect of multiple households employing such smart energy management systems could be substantial. This collective action could lead to meaningful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and a significant move toward sustainability.

EDP Group




Galp Energia

As one of the largest electricity suppliers in Portugal, EDP offers various pricing options, including some that might be tied to market rates.

Known for its sustainable energy plans, Goldenergy also provides options for flexible pricing.

Another key player in the Portuguese energy market, Galp Energia has been exploring various flexible and dynamic pricing models.





Operating in various European countries, including Portugal, Endesa offers diverse tariff options, some of which are influenced by market conditions.

This Spanish energy giant also operates in Portugal and offers a range of pricing options, including dynamic pricing schemes.



Before signing up for any plan, it's crucial to read the terms and conditions and understand how the prices are calculated. If you're using a smart energy management system like the AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher, make sure the pricing plan you choose complements its features for optimal savings and efficiency.
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