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Belgium ENTSO-E Monitoring


Saving Money on Energy Costs with the Shelly Switcher in Belgium

Belgium's Electricity Market and European Participation

Belgium is a part of the European electricity market, which aims to ensure a secure, sustainable, and competitive energy supply. In this market, electricity prices are determined through trading on power exchanges, also known as spot markets.

What is a Spot Market?

A spot market is a marketplace where electricity is bought and sold for immediate delivery. This market establishes what is commonly referred to as the "spot price" of electricity.

Belgium's Spot Market Participation

Belgium actively participates in the day-ahead and intraday spot markets in Europe. The country is a member of the EPEX SPOT, the European Power Exchange. Here, suppliers and consumers bid for electricity, and the market-clearing price is determined.


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Composition of Belgium's Electricity Mix


When it comes to the electricity mix in Belgium, the country relies on a diverse range of sources:

Nuclear power station

Nuclear Energy

Provides a significant share and is used for baseload power (continuous and reliable power supply).

Refueling Car at a Gas Station


Belgium also imports electricity from its neighbors to balance supply and demand.

Gas Plant

Natural Gas

Another major source, especially for peaking power (to meet high demand).

Solar Panels

Renewable Energy

Wind and solar energy are increasingly becoming a part of Belgium's electricity generation.

How Does the Mix Affect Spot Prices?

Belgium actively participates in the day-ahead and intraday spot markets in Europe. The country is a member of the EPEX SPOT, the European Power Exchange. Here, suppliers and consumers bid for electricity, and the market-clearing price is determined.


Belgium’s participation in the European electricity markets ensures that the country benefits from competitive prices and a secure supply. The mix of nuclear, natural gas, renewables, and imports creates a diversified and dynamic energy landscape.
I hope this provides a clear understanding of Belgium's electricity market and its participation in European spot markets.

AI-Powered Shelly Switcher: Minimizing Electricity Costs in Belgium's Fluctuating Spot Market

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The electricity spot market in Belgium is a dynamic ecosystem where prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. Factors like weather, energy mix, and market behavior all contribute to the varying prices. But what if you could leverage these price fluctuations to your advantage? That's where the AI-powered Stromfee Shelly Switcher comes into play.

Understanding Price Fluctuations in Belgium's Spot Market

Before diving into how the Stromfee Shelly Switcher can help, let's briefly understand the causes behind the price fluctuations:

  1. Supply and Demand: High demand and low supply can spike prices, while the opposite lowers them.

  2. Energy Mix: The type of energy source used (nuclear, gas, renewables) also influences the spot price.

  3. Market Events: Unexpected incidents like plant outages can have a short-term impact on prices.


What is the Stromfee Shelly Switcher?

The Stromfee Shelly Switcher is a smart, AI-powered device designed to monitor and react to real-time electricity prices. The device uses the MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol to communicate with other smart devices and systems.


Real-Time Monitoring 

The AI algorithm continually tracks the spot market prices. When it identifies a low-price window, it triggers household devices to run during those periods. For instance, it could schedule your dishwasher, washing machine, or electric car charging to operate when electricity is cheapest.


Intelligent Decision-making

The Shelly Switcher can forecast upcoming price trends using historical data and machine learning. This allows it to make educated decisions about when to consume electricity, helping you avoid high-price periods.



Once set up, the system operates autonomously. It can automatically adjust the household's energy consumption patterns to optimize for minimum costs without sacrificing convenience.

How Can AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher Help Minimize Electricity Costs?

By utilizing real-time data and intelligent algorithms, the Stromfee Shelly Switcher can effectively help you minimize your electricity costs in Belgium’s fluctuating spot market. With such smart technology, you can enjoy both financial savings and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Utilizing Stromfee Shelly Switches in Belgium's Electricity Spot Market

Belgium has a dynamic electricity spot market where electricity prices can fluctuate throughout the day. If you're looking to maximize your energy savings, the Stromfee Shelly Switches offer a smart way to adapt to these price changes. Let's delve into how this works.

What Are Stromfee Shelly Switches?

Stromfee Shelly Switches are AI-powered devices that help manage your electricity consumption. They employ MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol for communication, enabling them to connect with various smart devices in your home or business.

Why Are Spot Markets Relevant?

Spot markets in Belgium function to balance the supply and demand of electricity. Prices can differ from one hour to the next. These fluctuations offer an opportunity: By adjusting your energy consumption in response to lower prices, you can reduce your electricity bill.

How Stromfee Shelly Switches Operate in Belgium's Spot Market?



Real-time Monitoring

The AI algorithms in Stromfee Shelly Switches are continuously monitoring the spot market prices for electricity. When the price drops, the switches activate connected devices, such as home appliances or electric vehicle chargers, to operate during these cost-effective periods



Smart Scheduling

Beyond immediate adjustments, the Stromfee Shelly Switches can also look at historical data and upcoming price trends to make educated decisions about scheduling energy-consuming tasks. This could mean programming your electric heater, dishwasher, or washing machine to operate during projected low-price windows.



Seamless Integration

These switches are designed to integrate effortlessly into your existing home or business setup. Using MQTT protocol, they can communicate with other smart devices, making the whole system cohesive and user-friendly.



Energy Management Dashboard

Using the Stromfee Dashboard, you can get a detailed overview of your energy consumption patterns and the associated costs. This allows you to fine-tune your consumption habits even further, boosting your savings.

Advantages of Using Stromfee Shelly Switches

Managing electricity consumption effectively has implications beyond just cost savings. It also contributes to environmental sustainability. Here's how the Stromfee Shelly Switcher could impact the environment when used in the U.S. spot market.

Cost Savings

Utilizing low-price windows can significantly reduce your electricity bill.


By optimizing electricity usage, you contribute to more efficient energy consumption, which is good for the planet.


Once set, the system operates autonomously, adjusting your energy consumption without requiring constant attention.

Stromfee Shelly Switches offer an intelligent and straightforward way to navigate Belgium's electricity spot market, optimizing your energy consumption and maximizing savings. Given the rapidly changing landscape of energy prices, such AI-based solutions are becoming increasingly indispensable for savvy consumers.


What is the AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher?

This is a smart device, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, that uses MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol for communication. It's designed to interact seamlessly with your home appliances and other smart devices.


Real-time Tracking

The device continually monitors real-time spot market prices. When it identifies a time frame with lower costs, it can activate or schedule power-hungry appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, or electric vehicle chargers to operate during these periods.


Predictive Scheduling

The AI capabilities of the Stromfee Shelly Switcher go beyond just real-time actions. It also analyzes historical data to predict when low-cost windows are likely to occur. This feature enables you to schedule power-intensive activities in advance, steering clear of peak prices.


Customizable Settings

The Shelly Switcher allows you to customize your savings strategy. Whether you prioritize maximum savings or a balanced approach that also considers your convenience, the device can be configured to meet your needs.


Autonomy and Control

Once the initial settings are in place, the system works autonomously to adjust your home's energy consumption. However, you retain ultimate control and can override the system's decisions through a user-friendly dashboard, whenever necessary.

How Does It Minimize Consumer Costs?


The AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher is an effective tool for Belgian consumers looking to navigate the complexity of fluctuating electricity prices. Through real-time monitoring and smart scheduling, it helps you consume electricity when it’s most cost-effective, thereby minimizing your overall expenses.

Environmental Impact of Using AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher in Belgium's Spot Market

While the primary aim of the AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher is to reduce your electricity costs, it also has implications for the environment. Let's explore how utilizing this smart device in Belgium's fluctuating spot market can contribute to sustainability.



Energy Efficiency

  • Reduced Wastage: By optimizing when your appliances are running, the Stromfee Shelly Switcher ensures that electricity is used more efficiently. This contributes to a decrease in overall energy consumption and, consequently, less energy wastage.

  • Demand Shifting: By shifting energy-intensive tasks to times when electricity is not only cheaper but also likely to be abundant, the device can help mitigate stress on the grid. This often translates into reduced need for "peaking" power plants, which are generally less efficient and more polluting.

Windkraft und PV.png


Carbon Footprint

Reduced Emissions: By enabling more efficient use of electricity and promoting renewables, the Shelly Switcher helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Less reliance on fossil-fuel-based electricity means a smaller carbon footprint for you and your community.



Promoting Renewable Energy

  • Better Utilization of Renewable Sources: Spot market prices often drop when there is a surplus of renewable energy. The Shelly Switcher can schedule energy usage during these times, indirectly promoting the use of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

  • Encouraging Renewable Investments: A smarter grid that can adapt to price signals is better suited to integrate renewable energy sources. This makes renewable energy projects more viable and could lead to increased investment in green technology.



Circular Economy

Longevity of Appliances: Smart scheduling could potentially extend the life of your appliances by running them during non-peak hours, which generally offer more stable voltage. This means less frequent replacement and, consequently, reduced waste.

While the AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher's main goal is to minimize electricity costs for consumers, its intelligent management of energy consumption has beneficial knock-on effects for the environment. By reducing energy waste, promoting renewables, and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, this smart device contributes to a more sustainable future.

Companies Offering Flexible Electricity Pricing in Belgium Based on Spot Markets

In Belgium, the electricity spot market is a dynamic platform where the prices of electricity can change frequently. Some companies have taken advantage of this variability to offer flexible pricing models to consumers. These models often tie the cost of electricity to the current spot market price, allowing consumers to save money when prices are low. Below are some companies in Belgium that offer such flexible pricing options:

Octopus Energy

This UK-based energy provider has expanded its services to Belgium and offers agile tariffs that vary based on wholesale electricity prices. They provide an app where consumers can track real-time pricing.



Eneco offers flexible pricing schemes where the cost of electricity can change hourly. They provide smart tools to help consumers manage their energy use more effectively, thus taking advantage of low spot market prices.



Luminus has options that tie the cost of electricity to the spot market prices, allowing consumers to benefit from low prices during off-peak hours. Their app also offers insights into usage and billing.



While traditionally offering fixed rates, Lampiris has ventured into flexible pricing plans that are indexed to spot market rates. They aim to provide greener electricity at competitive prices.


ENGIE Electrabel

ENGIE Electrabel, one of the largest energy providers in Belgium, also offers some plans where the electricity price is indexed to the spot market. They offer various tools and services for better energy management.


EDF Luminus

Operating in several states, Xcel Energy offers Time-of-Use plans aimed at incentivizing electricity use during low-demand periods.



Mega provides a flexible electricity contract that is directly indexed to the wholesale electricity price. They promise a transparent costing model and lower margins to benefit the consumer.

If you're interested in capitalizing on the spot market's price fluctuations, these companies offer flexible pricing models that might suit your needs. Coupled with smart management tools like the AI-Stromfee Shelly Switcher, you can maximize your savings while contributing to a more efficient and sustainable energy landscape.

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