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Shelly Pro 4 PM: Smart Control Through the Electricity Spot Market

A Comprehensive Guide to Smart Energy Management with Shelly Pro 4 PM



In the modern world, energy management is more crucial than ever, both for cost-saving and sustainability. The Shelly Pro 4 PM offers an advanced solution by allowing you to integrate it with the electricity spot market. This blog post will delve into how the Shelly Pro 4 PM can be used in conjunction with real-time electricity pricing to optimize your energy consumption and reduce costs.


What is Shelly Pro 4 PM?

Shelly 4Pro PM.jpg

The Integration Process

Step 1:

Data Collection

Stromfee Tagebuch collects real-time data from the electricity spot market and your home's energy consumption patterns.

Step 2:

Data Analysis

The AI algorithms in Stromfee Tagebuch analyze this data to determine the most cost-effective times to operate your electrical devices.

Step  3:

Sending Commands to Shelly Pro 4 PM

Based on the analysis, Stromfee Tagebuch sends commands to the Shelly Pro 4 PM via MQTT to turn devices on or off.

Step 4:


Shelly Pro 4 PM executes these commands, ensuring that your devices operate when energy prices are lowest, thereby saving you money.

Advantages of Using Shelly Pro 4 PM with the Spot Market



Cost Efficiency

Automating your electrical circuits based on real-time pricing can lead to significant cost savings.



Lower prices often correlate with times when renewable energy sources are most abundant, promoting greener living.



The system operates autonomously once set up, minimizing the need for manual intervention.

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